What are the benefits of becoming a  Go Kids Go! Champion?

  •  Your name will appear on our website and you will receive a badge and certificate
  •  One Go Kids Go! Champion will be featured on this page
  •  Opportunity to make new friends and be a role model for other young people 

We are sometimes contacted by the media looking for young wheelchair-users to be involved in various projects. If you are interested in this we can put your name forward.

To find out more about being a Go Kids Go! Champion, contact Emily at emily@go-kids-go.org.uk or call 01482 887163






Go Kids Go! are looking for motivated and dynamic young people and their families to become our Champions.


What would being a champion involve?

Spread the word about our charity and what we do

  • Pass our details onto other young wheelchair-users that you know through school or social  clubs to encourage other young people to come along to our courses
  • Contribute to our website – give us your views on our training and share your experiences.
  • Become a friend on Facebook and suggest others do too.


  • Help us to fundraise – maybe you could suggest ‘Go Kids Go!’ as a charity that your school/local businesses could fundraise for.
  • Why not organise a fundraising event yourself and get your friends involved too?