Go Kids Go teaching wheelchair skills in Sheffield

Feedback from our young wheelchair-users, and their families, often tells us that the experience of being on our courses has been quite literally life changing as well as great fun. It is incredibly inspiring to see the difference that learning such fundamental skills makes to the young people’s lives.

If you have experience of our work and would like to feed back to us, please contact us at roy@go-kids-go.org.uk as we would love to hear your comments. If you would like regular updates about our work, please register by clicking on the link at the bottom of the page.


As Go Kids Go! makes no charge for the training and support we provide for young wheelchair-users and their families throughout the UK, we are completely reliant upon donations to allow us to continue our vital work.

If you are in a position to donate, you are very welcome to do so by clicking on the donate button or contacting us at vicki@go-kids-go.org.uk or calling 01482 887163


Aims and Objectives




Go Kids Go! is a small national charity and our mission is to enable young wheelchair-users throughout the UK to become independently mobile.

Aims and Objectives

Our primary objective is to equip young wheelchair-users with the skills to help them reach their full potential and also to increase their confidence. The skills and support we offer through our free courses are unique, practical and fun and we believe that it is important to allow parents/carers, siblings and friends to join in with the training, fun and games that we provide. To enable this we carry a stock of spare wheelchairs to our courses and we are always available afterwards to provide advice and support as well as guidance in acquiring the most suitable wheelchair for each individual’s specific needs.

The work we do

Go Kids Go! has a team of highly skilled trainers who, every year, run over 100 days of mobility skills training with young wheelchair-users and their families across the UK and Ireland and we make absolutely no charge to these families for the services that we offer.


We also provide training for professionals who work with those with mobility issues. Go Kids Go! also regularly visits schools to deliver our "wheelchair awareness training" which allows the non-disabled peers of young wheelchair-users to experience, and better understand, some of the obstacles which wheelchair-users face on a daily basis.