Info for Parents

Maisie and her family are regulars on our courses


Please feel free to contact us for advice, support or just to let us know how you are. We love to keep in touch with the families that we work with.


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Information for Parents



Our approach to training is a fully inclusive one – Go Kids Go! aims to involve the whole family in our training events. Parents and siblings of young wheelchair-users are encouraged to join in with learning practical wheelchair skills and to take part in games and challenges. We always have spare wheelchairs available on our courses so that nobody is left out. 


During our courses, trainers are on hand to answer questions relating to mobility. We often find that our courses act as a forum where parents can come together to share experiences and discuss common concerns. In some cases after one of our training events, parents have set up their own local activities clubs and often firm friendships are born out of our mobility courses. 


Family enjoying wheelchair skills session